About the Project

In a bid to try and preserve practice and planet my plans for 2022 are to produce a limited run of 10 small sculptures a month for 12 months, and to spend any proceeds generated by sales on hiring artist friends to help me build a temporary off-grid studio in a Kent woodland I share with family and friends.

The sculpture series will be titled Appendages No.1 to 12 and will form a new lexicon of objects that derive from some of the larger projects I've undertaken over the past ten years. All works will be unified by scale, colour and material while varying in manufacture and motif.

Tucked away in an abandoned chestnut coppice on clay rich soil, the aim of the studio is to eventually become self-sufficient and carbon-free, enabling myself and others to adapt to our changing circumstances and develop a critical practice that embraces native materials and devises new ways of processing them.